4 June 2010
"Tonight, I'm Leaving..." is now available online for listening! Check out our updated music section where you can listen to the whole album using our player :-) You can always buy it via our shop, CD Baby, iTunes and local stores!
3 May 2010
Vello Leaf are taking part in PhotoBiennale (21st International Photography Meeting in Thessaloniki).
Vello Leaf created a 30 minutes ambient soundscape for the "Blurred Reality" exhibition by Michalis Koulieris.
Opening: 7th May, 19:00.
E.S.P. Gallery (3-5, Navmahias Ellis, Ladadika, tel. 2310 541.148)
Opening hours: Mo-Fr 11.00-19.00
Duration: 07/05-30/06
13 February 2010
Visit our bandcamp page...
You can buy a digital download of "Tonight, I'm Leaving..." in lossless audio format (full artwork included)!
You can also download "Morning Star" EP, also in lossless audio format and for FREE!
12 February 2010
New reviews added. Check them here.
23 January 2010
"Tonight, I'm Leaving..." is placed in the top greek releases of 2009 by the music e-zine MiC.gr - read more here.
16 January 2010
Vello Leaf were interviewed at the magazine of their hometown, "Διαδρομές", along with dalot and dergar. You can read it at the interviews section. And.. Happy New Year by the way ;-)
24 December 2009
Our shop has gone international! You can now order "Tonight, I'm Leaving..." directly from our site and get it at the price of 13€ (all costs included)!
21 December 2009
17 December 2009
We've uploaded a new song from the upcoming album "Tonight, I'm Leaving...". It is named "In Sunshine" and features vocals by Evira. All the songs of "Morning Star EP" are also included. :-)
16 December 2009
"Tonight, I'm Leaving...", our first long-play album will be released on 21st of December! It features 8 dreamy tracks, vocals by Alexandra McKay and Evira (Abbie Gale), and a spectacular artwork by the painter Kate Alizadeh... Pre-order online HERE!
You can also read or download the press release.
14 December 2009
We've got a new site! We've tried to collect here everything we have posted about us in several sites, such as myspace, youtube etc. We'll be updating it frequently, so stay tuned!
20 November 2009
New myspace profile, based on the new album artwork, is up! Hope you like it... www.myspace.com/velloleaf
04 November 2009
Artwork and mastering for our new album are ready... "Tonight, I'm Leaving..." will be released during December!
1 September 2009
Finishing the mixes for our new album, "Tonight, I'm Leaving...". It will be 45 minutes long and will contain 8 songs!